Visual Story Part 4  

October 2020 

For 2020 we have started a visual story/blog of the Fells so we can show how the ponies develop and interact.

Newest entries will appear at the top of this page but do feel free to scroll down for earlier posts and photos. Don't forget to look back at Part 1,2 & 3.


Countdown of  weaning process for Joy -Within a few days Joy will be completely separated from her mum Cara and will go off to her new home. Fell breeders have  their own way of weaning their foals. The photos below will show how Joy is going to be weaned from her mum.

 [Do scroll down to see Day 1 and follow the process]


                 Oct 22nd Day 4

 Another day of learning to be more independent from her mum Cara. Joy  has some new experiences and manages them well.


Cara and her foal have come in from the field. This makes it easy to separate Joy from her mum. Here is Joy happily leaving her mum.



 Today I decide to take Joy for a little walk before taking her into her box. As she is leading quietly, I try another lesson: to get her to go into a strange stable out of sight of her mum.


So now I have to be patient and encourage Joy to go through a  narrow doorway into a small stable, and she doesn't have the comfort of knowing her mum is beside her .

This is a lesson of learning to trust humans. And it is one lesson that I needed to win, if she is going to go on being confident about leaving her mum.

The photos show how she walks forwards, but then steps back. So it takes a few minutes to get her in.









Joy eventually walks into the stable. It was very frightening for a foal, but she has show that she can be brave and take on new experiences.



 That is todays lesson over.

 Joy is led back to her box, which is now quite familiar to her as her home during the day. 


                Joy is pleased to be back in her box. See how relaxed she is .

 At lunchtime I put her back in with her mum for about half an hour, and then separate them again for the afternoon.

At teatime I lead Joy and Cara into their field.

I am pleased at how Joy is progressing.  End of Day 4

                 Oct 21st Day 3

 Joy is making good progress in the journery to being independent from her mum Cara


Mare and foal were good to catch and bring in

 Today  I separated them out a bit more, taking Joy up to the other end of the boxes. Joy didn't mind leaving her mum, so that is a good sign.


It will help Joy settle in her new home if she will eat short feed when she no longer has her mother's milk.

 So it is good that Joy is happy to eat from a feed bowl.

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After staying in for the morning, I let Joy back in with her mum for a while, and then she was happy to leave her mum.

This time I led her away from the stables so she could have some grass.

Today Joy has been very good and getting to be more independant

Oct 20th Day 2 Tuesday



In the morning I decide to have a go at bringing in Cara and Joy single handed. I am pleased to see they both still have their halters on.

They behave themselves and lead without trying to run off.


They lead in easily, though I think  from their expressions they would have been happy staying outside.

But it's time for Joy to have some training.



I move Joy into the next door box.

 You can see that she doesn't mind that she is not sharing a stable with her mum.


See above as Joy is introduced to some pony food.


She is happy to be left in the box by herself and is relaxed enough to eat hay and be out of sight of Cara. 


The last photo shows a relaxed Joy



                   End of day 2



 Oct 19  (Day 1) and  weaning process starts for Joy -


Within a few days Joy will be completely separated from her mum Cara and will go off to her new home. Fells have a mind of their own so it doesn't always go as planned.



When weaning  first catch the foal 

Joy has different ideas.

Here she is at the water trough, at the right end of the field. Just where I need her to be.


But that quickly changes. See below..... as Joy goes gallopping off.





Joy is still playing games. She isn't looking to be caught


Joy has run back up the field.

I think she must have run back to her mum.  

There is only one Fell nearby, but is it Cara her mum? It is difficult to see from a distance.


 Another try before I caught Cara and put a headcollar on her.

 I walked Cara back up the field with Joy following, but then Joy had other ideas and ran back across the field.... and Cara pulled free and followed her. Here is Cara grazing, and Joy just looking pretty.

Look at Joy's expression .

Joy reluctantly follows Cara. You can tell this is not what she wants to do.

Yes it is Cara.

 I walk into the field towards the Fell pony. I can recognise her when I get closer, but Joy isn't bothered about being close to her. and moves away.



Joy is having fun

 But has she returned to her mum?

I'm not sure.




Joy doesn't hang around.

 She goes galloping off again. She thinks this is a game. No good telling her that I don't have time for her games. You can't rush a foal and certainly not a Fell foal.





Not taking any chances this time.

 I added a Be Nice halter to her headgear to give me a little more control so she doesn't get loose again.




Now we have to get them into the next field. 





At Last, Joy is  out of the big field. Now to move her and Cara into the stables.



Cara and her foal are safely in their box.



Joy is happy to have her halter on



I separated Joy from her mum, taking her for a walk , as she will need to get used to being away from her mum. But we do it gradually over a few days.



Day 1 ends with us putting Joy and Cara  out in a small paddock away from the rest of the herd.


Oct 15 and vet is due for vaccinations


If only we can catch Cara and Joy and leave the others in the field. See how  quiet they  look.  




 It didn't go easy and  we had to bring them all in, leaving Joy and her mum to last.






Naughty Joy is not

thinking about coming

out of the field.


There she is on one side

of the fence 




And here is Cara,

waiting patiently or

rather patiently grazing.





They are not in the same enclosure

Joy will not follow her mum out of the field and is quite happy to stay in her part of the field


At last, we get Joy out of the field

 But there is another field to pass through. Again Joy finds it more interesting to eat branches and  check out the grass , than to follow Cara. And this is all taking a lot of time.


Success. Joy joins Cara in her box.

Having given us a good run, Joy is finally where she should be: with her mum who is waiting for the vet. Just in time as the vet arrives early



                           Just a nice photo of Joy saying hello to Deb.

                             Deb is not her mum!


The foals are now getting to 5 months old and getting ready for being weaned from their mares and continuing to develop independently.



Joy is 5 months old and still looking pretty.




What is Joy up to  now? Something has got her interest.



                  Josh at 5 months

 He is very good at keeping his halter on. 






Joy and mum





  Joy and mum having a morning lie in.




Look at Cara's lovely face. Hoping Joy inherits it.

Different day.

I catch Joy and Cara lying down in the morning. Joy is too inquisitive to stay down. Just see how she gets to her feet. The trouble with having 4 legs.!








Cara is a good mum. She is happy to stay relaxed. But I think Joy is telling her it is time to get up.

Josh looks as though he is bowing... 






                 But Josh was just having a scratch