Visual Story 2020 Part 1

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30th June 2020

Have a laugh on a wet tuesday.

Put Deb into a spare stable. It is empty at the moment save for the Swifts who are nesting there.  Seems Deb was poking her nose into the corners...


18th June 2020

So a little more about Joshua.  Today we brought all the Fells in for the farrier. I thought it would be a good time to put a foal slip on Josh. He had other ideas.  


After an hour in the box with Josh and Jez, this is as good as it gets. Putting a foal slip on for the first time is  not easy if you are by yourself. Help is needed.

Success!!! Well, 45 mins later when Lucy arrives and helps!.  The first foal slip was too big. But by then Josh is good with me around his head and lets me try another halter. It goes on, yet too big to leave on Josh in the field.

But he has been good, so it is time to lead his mum back out to the field with Josh following.

Josh is keeping close to mum. He knows they are not back in their paddock yet.


 It has been a long day!!!

16th June 2020

The Foals are growing up and showing their own personality.  Josh is a real chancer while Joy remains a real Joy. Here are some more photos with the more recent at the top.  

Josh is trying his chances with Joy's mum, but Cara isn't having it....



Josh being a bit of a bully with Joy. Joy will need to learn to kick back!

Joy at 5 weeks - Bottom high!



Josh, the colt making funny faces.



7th June 2020

The Foals and  the mares move to a new paddock  

 Josh  and mum  before moving from old paddock.


The foals see dog and cat.


Joy is not impressed 

More photos.

5th June 2020

Joy and Joshua are 4 weeks old 


Josh is at an age when he enjoys a good scratch especially from a friendly human.

But Joy much prefers using the fence


1st June 2020

4 yr old Georgia. Unbroken and allowed in the outdoor school . 

Georgia is looking for a forever home, where she can be brought on as an adult Fell.

We think she is going to be as good as her half sister Richmond Deborah. 

Georgia is unbroken but has been handled, coming in most days from the field. But she is getting old enough to think about being worked. So let her have an explore in the outdoor school.

Georgia would have been content to eat the grass around the edges, but still liked to show off her agility and paces.

Georgia loves the surface in the school and likes to show off.

31st May 2020

Both foals

I'm not impressed !

I can pose better than her!

actually, I can't ...

27th May 2020

Joy melts a heart

Well Joy in her three weeks has melted some hearts, and now has found a forever home to go at weaning. So here are some photos of her first weeks.

Isn't nature amazing.


Joy at 3 days old with mum Cara.

A week makes a difference. Joy is brave enough to see what this is?  A Dog.

 Two weeks old and developing nicely

And at 3 weeks old a real poser

And it is always nice to have a lie down.

Oh mum, says Joy

23rd May 2020

Joy living up to her name!

20th May 2020

Isaac and Hope galloping for grass

Moved the 2yr old  and 3 yr old to a new paddock. See how they gallop off :)

19th May 2020

Inquisitive foals

Nearly 2 weeks old. Joy still likes the safety of mum when asleep, but Josh is more independent.

But foals don't want to sleep when other things are going on.

Josh doesn't seem to realise he still has a piece of grass hanging out his mouth.

17th May 2020

Stand off ends ... and they have names!

So Foals are now a week old. There has been a stand off since birth with the 2 mares deliberately social distancing. Finally today stand off ended.

AND NOW THEY HAVE NAMES. JOY is on the left and JOSHUA (JOSH) is on the right.

And they are friends!

One Week Old

Doesn't she love the camera :)  

He definitely loves the camera!!

Finding His Legs

Jez's colt enjoys being out in the sun.

But it is not so easy getting on his feet ...



Made it!

8th May 2020

VE day and our 2nd foal is born. It's a boy.


Jez and her foal brought into their stable.

7th May 2020

Two mares due to foal and Cara is the first.


7 am and find a new arrival. 

Mum helps point her foal in the right direction.

Now ready to take a few steps.

And brave enough to leave mum