Weaning Joshua

October 2020

This page shows photos of how Joshua was weaned and separated from his mum Jezebel and returned to living as part of the herd.

Josh at 5 months old


Below are some photos of Josh with his mum Jez.


Josh still keeps close to his mum; probably because they are the only two in their paddock!

21st October 2020

Josh with his mum. He's got such a pretty head

Look at his pricked ears. Josh is so alert


 Josh relaxing. 

He and his mum are about to be moved to a new field.




It's time for Josh to get up and get moving.




Josh has moved with his mum to a new field. There is lots more grass here and it is good to explore.






This is good. Josh likes to have a gallop. 






Jez and Josh moving paddocks. 



Jez and Josh have moved to a new field.

Tonight Josh has a chance to get used to his new surroundings, before he has some more of the herd join them.

22nd October 2020

It is time to let the other mares into the field with Jez and Josh. Josh needs to be part of the small herd before he can be weaned from his mum. But it isn't going to happen today!!




Jez says hello with the other mares, but Josh is a bit more hesitant









Josh is alert, but not ready to be pushy. As the youngest in the herd, he knows his place. So for now, he is content to look without approaching.



25th October 2020

Josh is  easy to separate from his mum.  

This is the alternative way to weaning.

We waited until Josh was grazing apart from his mum, and when Jez was near a gateway. 

Then very quietly put a headcollar on Jez and led her out of the field and across the other fields to the stable yard.

Jez was very good, and didn't call to Josh until she was in a stable.

When we went  back to see Josh in the field later, he was nice and calm and happy to follow the other mares.

An easy wean for Josh!

Just been weaned, and he is happy with the other mares 


Videos of Josh as he settles in with the mares now he is separated from his mum.