Visual Story 2020 Part 2


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16th August 2020

I fiinish this section with a nice one of Joy at 13 weeks 


Videos of Josh  on 16.8.2020 after he has wound up the herd







A Fun Photo. See the crossed legs 

 The angle of this photo shot of Josh givesd him crossed legs, but it is an illusion.

Joy 13 wks old and still a poser




Joy at last keeps her foal slip on. She has been a real Houdini, losing them in the field





Joy 13 weeks. She loves attention.









Josh 13 weeks old. Being the lookout...

Stand off with dog. 



Josh 13 weeks old

12 1/2 weeks old and it's good to rest






A good set of teeth!




Look carefully. Will Deb play with dog's ball.

 Then see below


Josh is a very cheeky foal as he gets older. Here he is with his mum Jez.


Not yet 3 months old and Josh tries it on with Cara. Cara is not his mum. See her ears!!!




Josh sensibly lets Cara walk away.

Just a fun photo.



We have been too busy to upload photos to the web, but never too busy to take photos of the foals. So here are a selection of them age 10-11 wks old, with the most recent at the top. Enjoy.

Josh trotting in his new field

 Josh posing while Joy grazes.


 Enjoying their new field, now the hay has been cut. Joy and Josh enjoy playing together.

But sometimes Josh is a bit of a bully

                       Is this play or a dance?






Josh wants Joy to come and have a play.




 Sometimes it is nice just to be able to gallop . Joy having a fling.


22nd July and finally got a foal slip on Joy which has stayed on and there is Josh doing his best to undo it.

**Photos above are 10-11 weeks old**

    Photos below are 7-8 weeks old


7 weeks old.  The foals story continues



 Looking Nice.  But which Foal? Not always easy to tell, now they both have their foalslips on.





Josh wants to play, but Mum prefers to eat





Joy is more interested in her foalslip



OK, then I will play on my own. Josh has  a play






Mum. Let me tell you something....



 Are you calling me, asks Joy?













Come on. Let's play..







Forget the grass, and come and play




 Mum, I'd rather stay with you. Joy won't play with me.






At last, Joy and Josh have a play together




 Now we are ready for attention. Stroke me first!


8th July 2020

See a video of Frolicking foals. They are now 7 weeks old.

The foals are now developing well, showing they have different personalities.

Josh is the boss and a bit of a bully, but was easier to put a halter on when brought in for  the vet to microchip.  



Taking no chances, Josh and his dam Jez were brought into a stable the night before the vet was due. 


Just 10 minutes later and I had got a foal slip on Josh. It just needed a second person to help keep Josh from running round what is a large foaling box. Once haltered, Josh shows he isn't bothered.


Joy and her dam Cara were also brought in the night before the vet was due. She was not easy to catch in the stable.

Even though she will let you scratch her in the field, she did not want to be handled in the box, and she had a lot of room to run around.

So I let her have a rope over her back which she accepted. 

But getting the foal slip  on was still not easy.

Success at last... but it took an hour of patience. 

By the end of the day Joy is looking much happier in her foalslip.

Next time I need to put the foal slips on during their first week, when they are not so strong!!


Back out in their field with foal slips on. 






What did you say?

What a day!!!