Visual Story 2020 Part 3  

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Joy is bottom high  in the photo above.




But look at this photo from a different angle and how it makes her look level. 


                 See Joy's ears

 See how they change in a matter of seconds. 






A very muddy Joy






Joy is happy relaxing in the sun

Notice she is wearing a foal halter

These photo's show Joy  30 mins later.  

Cara is brought in for the farrier and Joy is happy to be inside which gives her a break from wearing her halter. 


Cara is showing her foal what it is like to be tied up.







See the feathers on Joy's back legs. Just look how the hairs stick out.







No Joy is not jumping a pole.


Have a look below.

Just a photo of Joy on her way to investigate the wheelbarrow and manure fork 

Josh at 4.5 months

 Josh is now much happier at being tied up, so a good lesson learned.



 Joy posing. She is 4 months 1 wk old at 17th Sep. 

Josh (17 wks old) enjoying the autumn sun.

 Note how mum is still looking after her colt. She stands guard while Josh has slept







Joy at 4 months old

Do have a look at Part 1 and see how she has changed colour



Josh  at 17 wks old has been brought in and is now learning to be tied up.  

He is standing quietly and not pulling back, but not his preferred way of spending his time.


17th September 2020

Josh at 4 months old. He can now get his head over the door and loves attention.