Visual Story 2020 Part 4  

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This month was quite busy in general but we also focused on weaning the foals and details of the weaning can be seen on their respective pages.


26th October 2020 

Joy with her mum Cara on her last morning


I took this lovely photo of  mare and foal just an  hour before she left the stud

15th October and vet is due for vaccinations


If only we can catch Cara and Joy and leave the others in the field. See how  quiet they  look.  




It didn't go easy and  we had to bring them all in, leaving Joy and her mum to last.  Who knew they liked the vet so much!





Naughty Joy is not

thinking about coming

out of the field.


There she is on one side

of the fence 




And here is Cara,

waiting patiently or

rather patiently grazing.





They are not in the same enclosure

Joy will not follow her mum out of the field and is quite happy to stay in her part of the field


At last, we get Joy out of the field

 But there is another field to pass through. Again Joy finds it more interesting to eat branches and  check out the grass , than to follow Cara. And this is all taking a lot of time.


Success. Joy joins Cara in her box.

Having given us a good run, Joy is finally where she should be: with her mum who is waiting for the vet. Just in time as the vet arrives early



                           Just a nice photo of Joy saying hello to Deb.

                             Deb is not her mum! 

The foals are now getting to 5 months old and getting ready for being weaned from their mares and continuing to develop independently.

Joy is 5 months old and still looking pretty.




What is Joy up to  now? Something has got her interest.



                  Josh at 5 months

 He is very good at keeping his halter on. 






Joy and mum





  Joy and mum having a morning lie in.




Look at Cara's lovely face. Hoping Joy inherits it.

Different day.

I catch Joy and Cara lying down in the morning. Joy is too inquisitive to stay down. Just see how she gets to her feet. The trouble with having 4 legs.!








Cara is a good mum. She is happy to stay relaxed. But I think Joy is telling her it is time to get up.

Josh looks as though he is bowing... 






                 But Josh was just having a scratch