Visual Story 2020 year end

Don't forget to look back at Parts 1, 234 & 5. 

December 2020

The final part of our 2020 visual story.   

It has been a busy year but the ponies have kept us entertained despite all the mud and rain and other challenges of the year.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the photos and watching the herd throughout the year and will join us in seeing what happens next.

Christmas at the stables :) 

Josh showing his paces 

Josh having fun with Grace in the yard.

Josh in the winter yard


Jez after weaning Josh

Jez has a frolic 

Quick off the mark


It's been one of those days!



But always with an eye open in case something better comes along!

I'm sure I can get that piece of hay....

But this is easier.....



One of the last jobs for the year; Deb is turned away for the winter