Visual Story 2021 Part 1

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11th February 2021

 With the snow gone we decided to give Josh and his mum a break in the paddock.  Jez was more interested in eating, but Josh enjoyed having the space to gallop in.  He can be very athletic.

Josh is now ready to leave the stud and is waiting for the forever home and a new owner.







Jez shows she can also be athletic, but she prefers to eat the grass.



30th January 2021

 I am sharing some videos of Josh enjoying himself.  He has been away for 3 weeks. So first turn out he was able to show his heels.



From January 1st Josh is technically a yearling, but really he is 8 1/2 months  old. He loves to play especially with dog.

27th January 2021

I have got fed up of discovering in the morning that I put Hope in the wrong box because I couldn't tell the difference between her and Cara.  Hope demolishes water containers and has to have a built in waist high corner water container in her box. In contrast all the other Fells don't kick over water buckets so can sleep in any box.   


So today I had the idea to make Hope look distinctive. I reckon my headtorch will pick her out tonight. See the plait in her mane, and it shows up in the yard.



It works.  As Hope walks into view, you can see the plait.



26th January  

Hope shows how good she can be when being led out to the yard first thing.


24th January  

Jez is quiet enough to go in the drive and not try to escape.


She likes investigating Dog, and Dog likes Jez 





Jez doesn't seem to realise she has a bramble caught in her mane.




23rd January  

 Not a lot of snow in Sussex, but managed a photo of Deb in the snow.



Grace is happy to be stabled during the winter. She knows what it means to be tied up, as she has travelled to horseshows  as a youngster. Grace has always loved attention and thinks everyone should think she is the best of all the herd.







Hope and Grace out in the yard. Keeping themselves clean.







It is time to remind Hope of some of the lessons she has learnt as a youngster:  standing quietly while tied up.








Hope learns the reward to being tied up is that you get to be brushed over.

Of course, Hope would rather it was food.






Hope has a bad hair day. Being stabled when you are 4 yrs old and still want to be out playing, can be trying.

 A muddy Hope turned out in the winter yard

11th January



Grace is happy to have Hope brought in from the fields and be  in the next box.






When Hope moves away she shows how muddy she is.  Hope needs a good groom.



January 2021

Deb has been turned away at grass, in winter once the rain comes it means a very muddy Deb!